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Learn how to prepare your caravan/motorhome for winter: A beginner's guide. Top Tips for storing your caravan/motorhome over the Winter period. When the temperature drops and many of caravanning community decide to have a break from travelling, it is essential that you store your caravan or motorhome so its ready for when you decide to make your next trip. As the saying goes ‘if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and failing to prepare in this circumstance can leave you with a massive dent in your trouser pocket. Therefore it seemed only right to share some of the knowledge we have and give you some tips before you lock up your van one last time!
Meet the team 07 October 2020
Meet the CaravanCloud team - We wanted to simplify the buying and selling process of leisure vehicles and combine this process with finding your next break in one place. So whether it’s a campsite, caravan park or glamping site you can search for parks all across the UK with ease. Everything you need to book a terrific trip. Meet the team who made this possible...
CRiS (the Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme) was established in 1992 by The National Caravan Council and provides a method of registering the ‘keeper’ details of every tourer manufactured by NCC member companies to help prevent and detect caravan related crime.
CaravanCloud Now Live! 08 April 2020
CaravanCloud's Brand new bespoke website is now live! We are very excited to about the launch of CaravanCloud and will be constantly adding to the features - please signup now!