Top Tips For Selling

Be honest, concise and accurate

Avoid clichés, vague terms and block capitals

Preparing your caravan or motorhome for a sale is an important investment in time and – possibly – money. Not only could it mean that you sell more quickly, it might also mean you get more money for it. 

The very least you should do is to make sure it’s clean and tidy inside and outside which can make the caravan or motorhome all the more attractive to a buyer. It might be worth considering a professional valet which could save you time and be a sensible investment. After all, if a £20 valet adds £100 to the value, you’re quids in. 

Likewise, go around and check that all the electrics work. You should also check that the tyres (including the spare, if you have one) are in good condition and that all the mechanical bits and pieces are in good working order. 

If you come across any minor problems or damage, it’s worthwhile getting them fixed; and, if your caravan or motorhome has a service that is due in the near future, consider getting a fresh one done. 

This is not just because a clean bill of health will make the caravan or motorhome more appealing to potential buyers, but also because any obvious problem provides the buyer with the perfect opportunity to try and beat you down on price. 

Finally, don’t forget that preparing your vehicle involves more than just the vehicle. Gather together all the paperwork you have. Again, it all helps to make the caravan or motorhome more valuable and attractive to a potential buyer, as it will help to confirm the history and give the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it has been looked after. 

Top Tips

Clean the vehicle inside and out

Make sure everything works

Gather together all the paperwork

Ok, let's sell my caravan or motorhome. 

How should you take photos?

The first thing most people will look at in an advert are the pictures, so you need to make sure they stand out.

The first rule of photography is to make sure the caravan or motorhome looks good before you think about picking up your camera. Ensure it’s clean and tidy inside and out. Smarten it up with a good wash and throw away any clutter from inside. 

Getting your caravan or motorhome ready to sell

Naturally, you want the caravan or motorhome to stand out in the photos, so when you’re deciding where to photograph it, choose somewhere bright, with a plain background. You don’t want anything near that will draw people’s eyes away. Remember, you need somewhere with enough room to get all round the vehicle, and if possible, only shoot when it’s dry and in daylight.

When you take the photos, try to take them from a natural height. Don’t crouch down or stand on something to make them look more dramatic; take them from the kind of angle from which someone will expect to look at it. 

Which pictures should I include? 

Take a good selection of photos so any prospective buyer gets a complete view, inside and out. We recommend taking these, and choosing the best for your advert:

  • Front corner
  • Rear corner 
  • Front straight-on
  • Back straight-on
  • Side profile
  • Close-up of a wheel, especially if they are alloys
  • Front seats and rear layout 
  • Inside the front locker 
  • Any damage 

Follow these tips when taking your photographs.

  • Make sure the photos are in focus
  • Shoot in bright light, but not direct sunlight
  • Don’t photograph a wet caravan or motorhome 
  • Clean thoroughly beforehand 
  • Always keep the whole caravan or motorhome in the shot, unless shooting details

How can I sell my caravan or motor-home fast?

To help sell your caravan or motor-home, we recommend you accurately and fairly price it and follow these tips on creating an eye-catching advert.  

Can I sell a caravan or motor-home with outstanding finance?

It is illegal to sell a caravan or motor-home with outstanding finance. Until you’ve finished paying for the caravan and the finance is settled, the caravan is still owned by the finance company so it’s not yours to sell. If you want to sell the caravan, you’ll have to settle the finance. There are several ways to do this, normally by paying a settlement figure and any associated fees.